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Rebecca Knight is a lawyer, a retired Buncombe County District Court Judge, a Certified Family Financial Mediator and a Certified Superior Court Mediator. The last quarter of her judicial career she served as a Family Court Judge. Her extensive experience and training has prepared her to mediate complex divorce matters. Rebecca’s knowledge of civil litigation and her twelve years of service on the Conference of Superior Court Judges Pattern Jury Instruction Civil Sub-Committee offer additional resources to facilitate effective mediation of civil matters pending in Superior and District Courts.

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Rebecca Knight, MediatorMediation is an informal, out of court process where the parties talk to a mediator about the conflict they have with the other party or parties. A mediator is a neutral person who is has special training to help people talk about and possibly resolve their conflicts without going to court. Mediators do not have to be lawyers and they do not give legal advice to the parties or represent them in court. The mediator will sit down with the parties to discuss their disagreements and explore all possible ways to resolve the matter in a way that is acceptable to both parties. The mediator is not a judge who makes decisions for the parties. Instead, the mediator helps the parties to make their own decisions and decide how to resolve the conflict.

Mediation is often ordered in cases pending in Civil or Family Court. It is used in criminal cases and in private matters that do not involve the courts. For example, families, neighbors and businesses may chose to use mediation to resolve a conflict without filing a court case. It is not necessary to have a lawyer to use mediation services although lawyers are very helpful in explaining the law and advising parties about the consequences of an agreement reached in mediation. Mediation gives the parties control over decision making. In divorce cases, mediators often help parties reach agreements they were not been able to reach on their own. When the parties to control the decision making process they can move forward in a healthy and positive way. For parents who will continue to have a working relationship with each other as they share parenting, creating a plan on how to handle disagreements and inevitable conflicts in the future is an important part of the mediation process.

Rebecca Knight’s experience as a lawyer, mediator and a judge has uniquely prepared her to help parties resolve issues through mediation. She enjoys helping people talk through their issues to reach a common understanding of the problems and possible solutions to those problems.

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